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Unified Managed Service Provider

OpenSource | Linux | Microsoft | Encryption | Development | VOIP

Founder Message: I’ve worked for a variety of companies, many that don’t have development or research teams, rely on overprinted ideas for security enhancements. We think out of the box, as everyone is different, it’s never a one size fits all scenario. It’s not what makes us money, it’s what makes you happy and secured. Our designs are built with redundancy and built to last.

About Us

We Are The Best CyberAware USP On The Market, Since 2006

Unlike other companies, we actually do our job protecting and securing your systems. Most companies will install a monitoring device on your system. Problem being they did not design this tool, nor are they responsible for it’s security updates. No! They must rely on a third party which puts YOUR systems at risk.

check Full Data Encryption

check Bespoke Remote Monitoring

check Crysis Management & Disaster Recovery

Some technologies & platforms we are working with
#Blockchain #Stoj | #OSINT #Python #Web3

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Is Your Application Ready?

Web 3.0 | Metaverse

The Transition

Pricing Plans


These prices are only a mere guideline, our services are modular, so you can chop and change


£ 000
  • check 24/7 Availabilty Support
  • check 1 Ticket Per Month
  • check Zero SLA
  • check Second Opinion Options
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NFOs and Charities Only


For shops and providers
£ 349
  • check 24/7 Support Service
  • check Basic Code Augmentations
  • check Proactive Monitoring
  • check Audits and Reviews every 3 months
  • add Applied Ai
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Unlimited protection
£ 1249
  • check 24/7 Support Service
  • check Code Augmentations / Development
  • check Hardware Upgrades or Replacements
  • check Proactive Monitoring
  • check Regular Audits and Reviews
  • add Cyber Protect+
  • add 3 x On-Site Service Checks Per Month
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15'372 Infrastructures Compromised Daily

If your MSP is using a script or third party platform to scan your system, then their skills are limited by the effectiveness of that platform

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Click +1 (650) 249 7983 for USA

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